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The Simple Strategy To Find Profitable Inventory - Updated for 2019

Jim Peterson & Jim Cockrum

As an Amazon or eBay seller, the hardest thing is to find profitable inventory. Now you can discover plenty of profitable products WITHOUT leaving home and it can work for you no matter where you live in the world! We call it the “Trade Show No Show” strategy…

This is the exact strategy I used to sell over a $1 Million on Amazon this year at great margins.

Some background: Attending trade shows has long been known as a way to find profitable inventory to sell in your eBay and Amazon business… IF you know what you are doing, and IF you don’t mind traveling, and IF you don’t mind big crowds, long lines, a lot of noise and silly sales pitches one after the other…

The fact is, vendors at trade shows are actively seeking people like YOU to help them sell more of their deeply discounted inventory and if you know how to play the game they DON’T CARE if you actually show up live or not!

Wait a minute…what’s a trade show?

A trade show is a conference-like exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products to big buyers. There are hundreds of trade shows conducted every year worldwide for every imaginable product sold. I can show you how to find these shows and how to find profitable inventory there, but unlike most “trade show” shoppers, you don’t ever have to attend!

The secret is that you can still reap almost all of the benefits of having attended a trade show WITHOUT SHOWING UP! We’ve been doing just that for a long time now and have built a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS with this concept… and I’m sharing it with others to help them build their own successful business.

My Story:

My wife started selling on eBay about 10 years ago. We were both working for the Federal Government at the time. She was selling very few products online initially. I remember fantasizing with her and saying that if we could sell just one product per day and make a $5.00 profit per item we could pay our power bill for the month. How small that goal seems now in retrospect.

After going to trade shows we gradually increased the number of products we were selling. Our business really took off at that time and she decided to quit her government job and devote all of her time to the online business. She was pregnant with our second child at the time so the timing was good. The business kept growing from there!

We sell almost exclusively on Amazon now. With Amazon FBA we don’t have to fulfill the orders or deal with returns (I’ll share more about that in the below report). The short version of the story is that we now let Amazon do all of the “hard work” for us and we find ourselves with more free time making more money than we’d ever planned on making.

I took an early retirement from my government job not long ago and joined my wife full time in the online business. Our first partial year of working the business together, we had a little over $650,000 in sales on Amazon and we’ve grown from there steadily. In our most recent year our sales are easily double what they were at the same time last year as we approach the half way point of the year. We will definitely surpass $1,000,000 in sales for this year. We have over 5000 listings on Amazon right now and plan to add 100’s more next year. Last December our gross sales for the single month were in excess of $145,000.

My wife and I are now both stay at home parents and our children are in private schools. We have the ability to take first class nice vacations every year and we do. We treat this just like a real job and put a lot of effort into it, but we’ve never loved our “job” more than we do now!

I feel like I am bragging in saying these things, but I need you to know what is possible for you if you learn and put the effort in. If you want more details on how we are doing what we are doing I think you’ll love the report we’ve put together for you with trusted Internet business expert Jim Cockrum.

–Jim Peterson, Author of How to be a Trade Show No Show

We’ve put together a 70-page report for you that is designed for everyone from
“newbies” to experienced online sellers. Here’s what’s included in the report:

The 2019 Updates:

Since Amazon is a dynamic platform, we updated the ebook to address current questions from our students because we want to make sure every student has the knowledge to succeed in 2019!

...I can take my Amazon business to the next level now..."

“Thank you for this course. I went through the whole ebook and was able to register and get accepted to my first trade show! I feel like I can take my Amazon business to the next level now.”

– Gretchen Coleman

...it is this real-world experience that is priceless to me."

“As a long-time eBay / Amazon seller, I’ve attended my share of trade shows in search of great merchandise to resell.

The trade show environment is almost always the same; long lines to register, big crowds everywhere, a noisy environment, (which makes it hard to think, let alone carry on a decent conversation) and, in general, not enough time to analyze potential product buys for resale.

After reviewing “Trade Show, No Show”, I am excited to see that there is a better (much better!) way to benefit from trade shows!

Not only did it contain great advice about how to benefit from trade shows without attending them, but it also revealed some of the “good, bad and ugly” of doing business with trade show exhibitors and it is this real-world experience that is priceless to me.”

– Dave Espino

"...this book is going to revolutionize how we find new sources of inventory..."

“I wish this book had been written about 5 years ago. My wife and I have attended numerous trade shows and Jim is correct when he says “Attending trade shows can be an exhausting experience.”

To be successful at trade shows you have to do your research in advance to maximize your time. However, there always seems to be more booths and showrooms that we want to visit than there is time.

The knowledge presented in this book is going to revolutionize how we find new sources of inventory and I highly recommend it to every online and offline seller.”

– Ryan Reger

...my head is spinning with all the possibilities..."

“I must admit…before reading this book, I had never considered adding trade shows to my sourcing plan of action. Now that I have read this marvelous book, my head is spinning with all the possibilities that have presented themselves to me. I have now revamped my strategy because “How to be a Trade Show No Show” will be my blueprint for success in sourcing profitable inventory from trade shows.

This clear & concise manual receives my highest recommendations!”

– George Nieves

"This is a strategy we are already building into our business."

“Our goal is to attend at least one trade show per year and it still is, however, we’ll be reaping the benefits of multiple trade shows from now on without attending all of them. This book is a GREAT resource and outlines a totally new way to benefit from trade shows without ever leaving your home or office. This is a strategy we are already building into our business. Thanks to Jim Peterson and Jim Cockrum for sharing this knowledge!”

– Craig Graves

"...turns a potentially exhausting experience into a quiet day at the office!"

“Jim and Jim have put together a straight forward, laser focused method of reaping the benefits of trade show incentives without actually going to the show. If you’re looking to expand your inventory without the madness of attending these shows while sitting in the comfort of your home, then this little book is for you. This book targets the experienced online seller who might otherwise be intimidated by the enormity of the average trade show with its hundreds of vendors. It turns a potentially exhausting experience into a quiet day at the office!”

– Jerry Siegel

"...I’m confident that this is something I can do."

“I just finished reading Trade Show No Show by the two Jims. What a brilliant concept for adding another stream to multiple incomes. I’m excited about learning more and jumping in to give this concept a try. The book lays out a simple plan. And I’m ready to do the leg work to learn a whole new arena of possibilities. I’ve never attended a single trade show. The concept always intimidated me. But after reading the book, I’m confident that this is something I can do. And if I can’t attend, the book shows me step-by-step how I can still reap the benefits. Whether you are a seasoned online seller or just beginning, the concepts in this book are loaded with potential for taking your business to a new level.”

– Ken Kelly

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